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Inside Corozite has its own team made up of competent researchers working creatively every day with passion, to improve and widen the catalogue, creating new buttons of any colour, form, size and resistence.

Following this company's trend, Corozite is also developing a new button erticle that can be easily dyed, so as to obtain any possible colour and sfumatura.



Thanks to the production process patented by Corozite, our company can work out till a milion buttons a day.
Thanks to a wide options's catalogue, Corozite can give personalized buttons that can satisfy any necessity for people working in the classic man's fashion.

As now, most of the production is due to enrich clothes of the best male griffes situated in U.E. (mainly in Italy, France, England, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands), in the USA, in Canada, in Mexico, in South Africa, in Japan and in Russia.

Thanks to the collaboration with BAP, a developement of the activity even with woman fashion is easily to be forseen in the future.
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